How GiantNerd Uses Internet Marketing to Increase Sales

How GiantNerd Uses Internet Marketing to Increase Sales

You want your business to increase sales and you want it now. How do you possibly do it especially in the midst of an overflowing competition? Successful companies such as GiantNerd become solid proof of how social media integration becomes an effective tool in your online marketing campaign. Efficiently using social media to your website could boost your sales and profits. Numerous companies have been doing it, so why shouldn’t you?

About GiantNerd’s Social Media Integration Campaign

As an outdoor equipment company, GiantNerd is all about reaching out to as many outdoor enthusiasts as possible to promote and sell the latest products in biking, snowboarding, and hiking. There are tons of outdoor equipment companies out there so how do you think GiantNerd dramatically increased its sales in a short period of time?

The company should be your inspiration in the successful use of social media integration basically in the emphasis of building rapport with customers while selling products in the process. You can certainly do the same social media integration tactic which GiantNerd has effectively and thoroughly injected in its overall website.

How did GiantNerd do it?

One of the most important things you need to understand about the company’s social media integration is their way of creating a social network within their website. This is something different from popular social networks with the likes of Twitter and Facebook because the one-click process of joining the group is easy and fast, even for customers who are not Internet-savvy.

Why do you need to join the group?

So what convinces customers to join the GiantNerd social media group is quite simple. You get incentives as a new member because the company offers huge discounts to those who are newly registered specifically the Nerds Save 5% promotion.

You’ll Like the “Like” Button Too

GiantNerd introduces the Like button on their website offering exclusive deals once you click that button. You can also join their Facebook community for more promotions. Incorporating the “Like” button is a brilliant idea because there is an increase of an impressive 50% with the GiantNerd average order.

Say Hi to the WikiNerdia

When GiantNerd decided to go for social media integration, they went all out and you’ll see it right away. The WikiNerdia is quite similar to Wikipedia where you can check out the company’s list of products along with their matching images and product description. You can inquire about certain products and the nerd community can answer your questions.

GiantNerd is a genius in Internet marketing particularly with the use of social media integration. You can follow their lead and use your customers as your salesforce and word-of-mouth advocates.